About Us


Bilkur Computer has been established in 1989 and it has become an expert in barcode solutions ever since. Bilkur offers worldwide barcode products with improved solutions.

Bilkur is the Turkish distributor of Argox, Bixolon, Datalogic, Godex, Newland, Palmx, Rongta, Sunlux and Zebex barcode products. Bilkur imports 95% of all the products that it sells from other countries. Bilkur continuously increases its importance in the barcode market by offering the appropriate prices and sufficient service with its accumulated stock. 
Bilkur also gives project support, financial service, marketing and educational service, technical support, and free demo service for the needs of its customers. 

Bilkur has been assigned as Solution Provider Firm by GS1 Center.


- ARGOX Turkish Distributor
- BIXOLON Turkish Distributor
- DATALOGIC Turkish Distributor
- GODEX Turkish Distributor
- NEWLAND Turkish Distributor
- PALMX Turkish Distributor
- RONGTA Turkish Distributor
- SUNLUX Turkish Distributor
- ZEBEX Turkish Distributor
- TOBB GS1 Master Film Producer
- TOBB GS1 Authorized Solution Provider Firm


Our Vision


Bilkur’s aim is to provide active and productive solutions for barcode products. Bilkur’s goal is to offer qualified products with qualified service to its customers. Bilkur offers a variety of products to fulfill the needs of Marketing and Business Automation and to provide selling and service from one base source. 

With its accumulated stock, appropriate prices and sufficient service, Bilkur’s object is to maintain customer satisfaction and so to become the preferred company for its customers.

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